UN: Growth of World Law.

United Nations

Today, the United Nations is at the center of efforts for cooperative action, for advancing human dignity, and for the creation of a world community. Conflict resolution, human rights and a higher standard of living in larger freedom - the three pillars of the UN- are advancing together with equal strength. The challenge to the United Nations is to create resilient, responsive organizational structures which nourish the human spirit. Cooperative ventures of all sizes are on the increase. Non-governmental organizations, such as the Association of World Citizens, play an increasingly important role in this common world effort.



Rene Wadlow The United Nations: The Shift in Perspectives and Action
Rene Wadlow The United Nations: The Reflection of the World Society
Rene Wadlow The United Nations as One
Rene Wadlow Human Rights: The Foundation of World Law
Rene Wadlow Genocide Convention: 9 December 1948
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Ralph Townley Ruit Hora!: Hugo Grotius and the Rule of Law
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Dr. Hong,Tao-Tze & R.Wadlow Declaration on Taxpayer's Human Rights
Rene Wadlow Violence Against Women: Walls that Imprison
Rene Wadlow The Four Avenues of Action

Rene Wadlow UN-designated Day for Developing Awareness of Human Trafficking
Rene Wadlow Continuing Genocidal Dangers of the Darfur Conflicts
Rene Wadlow Chinese Leadership on U.N. Reform
Joseph E. Schwartzberg Transforming the United Nations System