Book reviews - United Nations Goals and Processus.

The international relations specialist Stanley Hoffmann once quipped " Goals are easy to describe. What matters more is a strategy for reaching them." The United Nations system through its annual debates in the General Assembly, its special world conferences such as those devoted to the environment, population, food, women, urbanization and within the Specialized Agencies have created a world public policy in the interest of all humanity. There are three important phases of world public policy: formulation, implementation, and evaluation. We need to study both the formation of policy goals and the processes toward achieving these goals.


John E-Trent Modernizing the UN System.
Paul Diehl & Daniel Druckman Evaluating Peace Operations.
Ramesh Thakur, Andrew Cooper Eds. International Commissions & The Power of Ideas.
Brett D. Schaefer ConUNdrum: The Limits of the United Nations and the Search for Alternatives
Devon Curtis & Gwinyayi A. Dzinesa Eds. Peacebuilding, Power, and Politics in Africa
Tad Daley Apocalypse Never.
Rene Wadlow Regional Cooperation in South East Europe and Beyond
Alexander Casella Breaking the Rules
Isak Svensson and Peter Wallensteen The Go-Between
Jean Ziegler Destruction Massive: Géopolitique de la faim
Krista E. Wiegand Enduring Territorial Disputes
Tom Plate Conversations with Ban Ki-moon