Book reviews - Role of Non-Governemental-Organisations.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are rising in status and influence ; they are taking a " place at the table " at the United Nations with States and Secretariat in international decision-making and setting new norms. Thus NGOs have come into the public's awareness as potentially important, independent actors that can assist in promoting human security. The Association of World Citizens is proud of its consultative status with the UN and with the contribution it has made to conflict resolution, disarmament, human rights, and ecologically-sound development. 


H. Agha, S. Feldmanetal Track II Diplomacy.
Oliver Richmond & Henry Carey Ed. The Challenges of NGO Peacebuilding.
Tricia G. Brown Getting in the Way.
David Augsbunger Conflict Mediation Across Cultures : Pathways and Patterns
Jim Kenney Thriving in the Crosscurrent
Howard Clark People Power: Unarmed Resistance and Global Solidarity
Metta Spencer The Russian Quest for Peace and Democracy
Liesbet Heyse Understanding Decision-Making in Humanitarian Aid NGOs
David Cortright Peace : A History of Movements and Ideas
Vemund Aarbakke Mutual Learning: Facilitating Dialogue in Former Yugoslavia
Sharon D. Welch Real Peace, Real Security: The Challenges of Global Citizenship
Diana Francis People, Peace and Power: Conflict Transformation in Action



B. Arts, M. Noortmann, B. Reinalda Non-State Actors in International Relations
Bernard Mayer The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution
Hakan Wiberg and Christian Scherrer Ethnicity and Intra-State Conflicts
J. Pottier, A. Bicher, P. Sillitoe Negotiating Local Knowledge
Jude M. Antonyappan The Way It IS
Kumar Rupesinghe Conflict Transformation
Louise Diamond The Courage For Peace
N. Kittrie, R. Carazo, J. Manchan The Future of Peace in the Twenty-First Centry
Jeff Unsicher Confronting Power
Rene Wadlow From the inside out : Quaker work at the UN.
Rachel Brett Snakes and Ladders
Eileen Babbitt and Ellen Luts (Eds.) Human Rights and Conflict Resolution in Context

Lisa Schrich Conflict Assessment and Peacebuilding Planning:
Toward a Participatory Approach to Human Security
Craig Zelizer (Ed.) Integrated Peacebuilding
Véronique Dudouet (Ed). Civil Resistance and Conflict Transformation
Philipa Rothfield Pathways to Reconciliation: Between Theory and Practice
Ivana Milojevic Breathing : Violence In, Peace Out
Douglas Mattern Looking for Square Two.
Mark Salter Transforming broken relationships
Jim Forest The Root of War is Fear