Book reviews - Conflict Resolution: Asia.

The world's unprecedented political creativity requires a new world-wide state of mind. This is particularly true of Asia with the political and economic rise of China and India. There are massive changes in the environment and in peoples' livelihoods. Yet there are also increased social tensions within countries and tensions among States. Therefore world citizens are concerned to improve the capacity for preventive diplomacy and mediation by the United Nations, governments, and non-governmental bodies such as the Association of World Citizens.


Harish Kapur Foreign Policies of India Prime Ministers
Harish Kapur India of Our Times
Kathryn Tidrich Gandhi: In the Midst of Darkness
Simone Panter-Brick Gandhi and the Middle East
Sharon Hom and Stacy Mosher (Eds). Challenging China: Struggle and Hope in an Era of Change
Barbara Barnouin & Yu Changgen Zhou Enlai : A Political Life
Zahid Shahab Ahmed and Michelle Antonette Baxter Attitudes of Teachers in India and Pakistan
Simone Panter-Brick Gandhi and Nationalism : The Path to Indian Independence
Andrei Znamenski Red Shambhala: Geopolitics in the Heart of Asia