UN: Growth of World Law.

AWC : The Four Avenues of Action

The Association of World Citizens is structured around four avenues of action: conflict resolution, human rights, ecologically-sound development, and the rapprochement of cultures.

In the field of conflict resolution, the emphasis has been on the following conflicts and tension areas:
1) Syria and its impact on and involvement of neighbouring States
2) Iran and the possibility of a Middle East Nuclear-weapon Free Zone
3) Afghanistan-Pakistan-Tajikistan and Central Asia political currents
4) Democratic Republic of Congo and its impact on the Central African Republic
5) Libya and its impact on Mali, Niger and the other Sahel States

In the field of human rights, actions and appeals to Government have concerned:
1) Human Rights of Women
2) Human Rights of Children
3) Human Rights of Migrants and Refugees
4) Liberty of Conscience and Belief
5) The abolition of the death penalty
6) Liberty of Association and the Press
7) The dignity and rights of sexual minorities
8) Taxpayers Human Rights

In the field of Ecologically-sound Development and our position that "Earth is our Common Home. Therefore we must protect it together", the emphasis has been on the following:
1) Biodiversity and a New Awareness of Nature
2) Forests
3) Water and Rivers
4) Food and a world food policy
5) Ecologically-sound urbanism

In the area of the Rapprochement of Cultures, we are participating actively in the UN-proclaimed International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures (2013-2022) with its emphasis on the Foundations of a New Humanism