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Preface to the Global Endorsement of the Declaration of Taxpayer's Human Rights

In response to the world's rapid economic changes and the most recent trend of human rights concerns in the 21st century, every world citizen should pay close attention to the development of the international issues of taxpayer's human rights.

Taxation is the cornerstone of a nation's infrastructure and development. The taxes levied directly impact people's property rights, the right to life and other fundamental human rights. It also affects the continued existence of the family, the survival of children's growth, the stability of social and economic development. Taxpayer's human rights have become part of the international trend of acknowledging the universal applicability of human rights. We acknowledge that only with fair and just tax policy, can the government collect taxes with peace of mind that taxpayers will willingly accept without creating additional stress and worry in their lives. Taxation based on human rights must be implemented so that every nation can enjoy prosperity and peace. Therefore, establishing a mechanism for taxpayer's human rights will be an important component for a nation to protect its people's basic rights.

Therefore, in December of 2012, the Association of World Citizens, a NGO holding consultative status with the UN through ECOSCO and associated with the Department of Public Information and the Federation of World Peace and Love together launched an endorsement campaign for the Declaration of Taxpayer's Human Rights during the 13th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World held in India, to encourage all governments to take actions to "protect people's basic right to life, respect the principle of evidence, uphold procedural justice, and truly implement human rights protection" in their taxation practices. In total, the event received 53 ardent responses from Heads of State, chief justices, as well as eminent figures from all circles.

The Global Endorsement of the Declaration of Taxpayer's Human Rights is aimed to call upon all nations to set human rights as first priority within their tax systems, rectify their tax systems to comply with the principle of fairness and justice so that their people and countries will prosper and the society will enjoy the safety.
We sincerely urge every world citizen's participation to protect the universal values of human rights practice.

Dr. Rene Wadlow                                             Dr. Hong,Tao-Tze
President of Association of World Citizens,     President of Federation of World Peace and Love
NGO in Consultative Status with ECOSOC
and Associated with the UN/DPI