Organizational Structure.

Certificate of Commitment and Individual Responsibility

     Join in the worldwide movement to create a Global Community for the 21st century that is free from war and weapons of mass destruction; where disputes are settled through the framework of world law; and where policy and resources are directed to human needs and securing a healthy and sustainable environment for present and future generations.


Officers and Representatives to UN.
Certificate of Commitment and Individual Responsability.

     The way in which each person works to develop a world community is his personal responsibility. The Association of World Citizens works closely with the United Nations and its Specialized Agencies, but there are also activities at the national and local levels to develop awareness that the Earth is Our Common Home, and therefore we must protect it together. The concept of individual responsibility is a core value for the Association of World Citizens inspired by the Prophet Jeremiah who marked the passage from a tribal identity to one of individual responsibility.

     For those in agreement with this orientation and as a mark of commitment to work for the Common Good, the Association delivers a Certificate of Commitment and Individual Responsibility.

     Name, date of birth, and address should be sent through the "Contact" option;