Education of World Citizenships.

Gyeongiu Plan of Action
Rene Wadlow*

The Gyeongiu Action Plan for Education for Global Citizenship was proclaimed in Gyeongiu, Republic of Korea, on 1 June 2016 at the United Nations Department of Public Information - Non-governmental Organization conference. The Plan of Action aims to develop a fully-conscious sense of Global Citizenship. The Plan states “The cause of global citizenship promotes integrated development of the whole person emotionally, ethically, intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually, imbued with an understanding of our roles, rights and responsibilities for the common good in service to humanity and the advancement of a culture of peace, non-violence, freedom, justice, and equality.”

The future holds increased participation in the emerging world society. Many people will work part of their lives in different countries. As global citizens, we need to feel at home in different cultures.

At the heart of all education is motivation, the desire to learn and the necessity to cultivate the will to learn. Learning is a precious treasure to be strengthened and then transmitted to another generation. Therefore, the school is the main bridge between the past and the future. The school - along with their libraries - preserve the past and make it come alive through the enthusiasm of the teachers.

If the struggles to establish humanistic, cosmopolitan institutions are not recalled for students, there is a danger of taking the current achievements for granted. There is a need to recall all the women and men who have labored to build the humanistic, cosmopolitan institutions and processes which we now know. Their example will help us to consolidate and expand their efforts.

As Louis Mumford, the social philosopher, wrote “If we have not time to understand the past, we will not have the insight to control the future. For the past never leaves us, and the future is already here.” To know the past is to prepare for the future as Global Citizens.

* Rene Wadlow, President, Association of World Citizens